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For years we’ve heard that salt is bad for us and causes high-blood pressure and other health problems. For me, it begs the question then: WHY when you go into hospital for a serious trauma situation do they put you […]

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If you haven’t picked it up already, we think lemons are rad. We’ll add them to just about anything, and we mean anything: juice, water, salt scrubs, skin creams, you name it. There are so many benefits of including lemon […]

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How to treat yourself with RAW… If you want to be the healthiest version of you, choosing foods in their RAW natural state is great habit to follow on a consistent basis. And by RAW, I don’t mean plain ole fruits, veges and […]

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There’s a lot more going on in our food than we realise In every plant based food we eat, we should be considering a lot more than the sugar content or the calories. One thing we rarely think of is […]

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We’re in the business of helping people look and feel their best… That means, helping people to be more conscious about what they’re putting in and onto their bodies. There’s nothing more powerful than taking time out to do a […]

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You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not a slice of chocolate… But did you know that eating chocolate can actually affect your mood! It’s not just mood altering, chocolate actually has a whole heap of benefits. HANG ON! Don’t pack […]

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If you thought eating two slices of white bread was ‘getting your fibre’, think again! So many of us grew up with the idea that if we ate a sandwich we’d be getting a super charged dose of fibre, but […]

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So I’ve been moving around these “whole-foods” communities for quite a few years now.. And in those years I’ve seen a (farm) truck load of real life examples of how food can and does have a profound effect on our emotions. If you really think […]

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