Finding the motivation to eat well and move your body can be a challenge…

Especially when it comes to winter!

The weather is cold, the food is warm, and the wine is mulled.

But the truth is winter IS the time to be working on your summer body – and I don’t necessarily mean your bikini bod (although that is a great side effect) I mean staying ‘on top’ of how you look and feel during those months when it’s easy to let yourself go.

Healthy looks like eating plenty of greens, sleep, pure water and staying moderately active.

What you need to know about your summer body

So many of us reach for a carb-free, high protein diet when summer rolls around in order to shed a couple of kilos.

The scary thing is that a lot of these diet plans deprive your body of important macronutrient’s that it needs to heal and be healthy.

And while you may shed a little bit of fat, chances are you’ll also loose lean muscle too which lowers your Resting Metabolic Rate, which actually makes it EASIER to put fat back on later.


But it’s not just that, the change of seasons signals many changes to our body. Moving between seasons requires nurturing of our bodies, in order to support our the beautiful temple that is our body.

So in order to help you become vibrantly healthy this winter, and absolutely glowing in summer, we have thrown together our top three tips for nourishing yourself this winter.

1. Add greens to EVERYTHING

One of the best bits of winter is warm foods. You don’t need to eat a salad to get a huge dose of greens, it’s just as easy to throw together a nourishing winter dish. My favourite is Spinach and Broccoli soup!! And it’s not just greens, there is a way to enhance any winter food. We’ve been munching down on hot chocolate this year, think: cacao, coconut milk, cinnamon and coconut nectar. YUM!

2. Move you body

When it’s cold outside we tend to want to stay tucked up in bed, however just because the season has changed doesn’t mean your body is in any less need of being moved. It’s not even necessarily about being fit and toned (these are awesome by products), the truth is your body NEEDS to move. Life = movement. Even if its just a 45 minute stroll every day, or just 15-20 minutes of high intensity pilates, it will all help.

3. Get sunlight

Now I know this one is a bit of a wild card, I am sure a lot of you wonder how important the sun is in order to be vibrantly healthy. I can promise you, it is VITAL to abundant health!!! Our bodies thrive on vitamin d, and just like a plant wilts in the dark, so do our bodies. In winter it becomes especially important that you expose as much of your body as possible to the sun, because the sun is at its weakest and therefor we aren’t getting as much residual sunshine as we do in summer.

And there you have it!  Start your day with a cold pressed juice or even choose winter to do a 1-3 Day Juice Cleanse and you’ll be keeping yourself on top of your game and go a long way to avoiding those waster winter bugs.

Start doing all three things and we know you’ll start to feel a difference (and you’re body will start to glow because of it).

Have a beautiful winter Sunday juicy people.

Inga x

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