We’ve been going coco loco lately…

Like all coconut, everythang.

In fact, right now I’m sipping on a coconut water, lathering myself in coconut oil, wearing a coconut shell bra and just being a coconut queen (you know, as you do)… Okay, jokes.

But serious, we’re big fans, whether it’s coconut water, oil, milk, flakes, yoghurt, whatever – we’re into it!

I don’t usually drop the word ‘superfood’ very often, because my team and I recon that anything from mother nature is a super food, but if there is such a thing, it’s coconut!

While coconut seems a bit like a trend right now, there is a number of great reasons why it deserves to be a health food superstar.

In light of this, I wanted to share with you the 5 most important reasons why you should incorporate coconut into your world!


Coconut can help improve digestion

Because we’re in the business of cleansing, we know how many of you suffer from IBS and sore tummy’s, so I think this one is a standout benefit!

Coconut can help you improve your digestion and the symptoms associated with poor digestion (think bloating, pain and interesting trips to the bathroom).

Why? Well it helps the absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

If you haven’t tried Coyo before, we suggest you jump on that, not only is it packed with all the benefits of raw coconut, it also has live cultures that your gut flora loves!

Coconut can give you a quick energy boost

Coconut products provide a boost of energy, move over coffee!

Because coconuts are loaded with nutrients, the body actually utlilses it to produce energy, rather than storing it as body fat (cha-ching).

It can help to improve your endurance and athletic performance, as well as promoting healthy thyroid function and reliving symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Coconut can help prevent obesity and manage weight

Coconut products help to speed up the metabolism, as well as giving a huge does of energy with fewer calories than many other fats (that’s if you get into calories or not), leaving you feeling fuller for longer!

This applies to coconut oil, milk, water and snacks!

Coconut has a low Glycaemic Index (GI) and can help reduce sweet cravings

Coconut can slow down the release of glucose, which means your body requires less insulin to utilise the glucose and send it to the cells that convert it to energy. Coconut can also provide relief for the pancreas and enzyme systems which can help to reduce the risks associates with diabetes. In fact, coconut nectar has a much lower GI compared to honey or sugar.

The healthy fats in coconut help to slow down rising blood sugar and reduce cravings.

Coconut is antibacterial

Coconut oil is packed with Lauric acid which kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and infections. When you ingest it, it works to kill bacteria (such as candida). The same applies to the outside, not only is it an amazing moisturiser, it’s also awesome for eczema and sores.

So now you’re coco loco too?

Yeah… I thought so! Get drinking, eating, lathering, baking or whatever floats your boat!

And have a beautiful day.

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen xxx 


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