We’re in the business of helping people look and feel their best…

That means, helping people to be more conscious about what they’re putting in and onto their bodies.

There’s nothing more powerful than taking time out to do a ‘cleanse‘ to allow your body to reboot and recharge.  And we make it our passion to use every natural tool available to help our customers get the most out of their cleanse.

One of those valuable little tools that can really assist during a cleanse is doing a ‘salt flush‘.

Now stick with me on this one…

It might seem a bit ‘out there’, but it really is one of nature’s best tools to remove stored toxins from your body and to keep your digestive system super-efficient and clean!

CAUTION: the next little piece is maybe a bit personal but it’s important, so just beware!

Colonics made easy

Now, we totally get that not everyone is keen to perform their own enema or head to a local colon clinic that uses ‘gravity flow’.

It can be pretty invasive and it’s not for everyone (but if you’re all over it, good on you).

One less invasive way to perform this type of release is to do a simple salt flush!

A salt flush is effectively the act of drinking water with the high salinity of sea water added.

Believe me, your body will be eager to flush the salt water out as soon as possible, sending a current of water through your digestive tract and and colon.

Why do we do salt flushes?

Are you feeling tired, sluggish or bloated? If so, it’s probably a good time to do a salt flush.

If you’re only experiencing very minor bloating, a salt flush should quash your concerns. If you’re experiencing more intense symptoms, a Juice Cleanse should be in your sights (incorporating a salt flush too).

A salt flush will actually help with fluid retention, as well as help to strip parasites from the walls of the digestive tract.

Why do we combine a salt flush with a Juice Cleanse?

A salt flush and Juice Cleanse go hand in hand! Why? There are a few reasons.

1. It helps to speed up the detoxification process 

A salt flush helps to, as the name suggests, flush out toxins. It’s basically takes your Juice Cleanse up an extra notch.

2. It helps relieve any constipation you may be experiencing

In a Juice Fast you won’t be taking in any fibre. Why? Because we want to give your digestive system a rest. A salt flush can help you if you’re feeling a little blocked up during your cleanse by helping you eliminate any waste stored in your colon.

How do we do a salt flush?

Don’t stress just yet, a salt flush actually starts at the opposite end of an enema, so you won’t be needed to get nice and close to any tubes!

You simply add one heaped tablespoon of sea salt to one litre of filtered water and drink it as fast as you can. Within 20 minutes, it will be doing it’s magic.

Hot tip: do your salt flush at home where you’re near a bathroom, because when it’s time to ‘eliminate’ you’ll need to get to the loo as soon as you can!

What salt do we use?

It is absolutely essential that you use a pure, unrefined salt like Celtic Sea Salt that you can grab at your local health food store.

Ready to grab a fresh Bundle of Cold Pressed Juice or do a 1, 2 or 3 day Juice Cleanse?

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen xxx


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