Your order is shipped on the nominated delivery day you select at the time of placing your order, in accordance with the weekly delivery schedule as listed on our website. A full description of these details can be found in the General Delivery Information section.

You, or a nominated person, must be available to receive your order at the time of delivery to your nominated address.

As our juice products and smoothies are raw and unpasteurized, they are perishable with a limited shelf life and therefore must be refrigerated.  This means, whilst we take the utmost care to prepare and deliver the freshest possible product to you by using the highest quality ingredients and complete, cold-supply chain logistics, we can accept no responsibility for loss or spoilage once our products have been delivered.  We recommend that as soon as you receive your order that you open the box, check the contents carefully to ensure your order is complete and that there are no breakages and then refrigerate the contents immediately.

Our products are non-refundable and no returns are accepted, except in the rare case where there is a problem with your order upon arrival.  Under these circumstances, you must notify us immediately upon receipt of your order so that we can act immediately to remedy the problem for you.

Your order will be delivered to the exact address that you nominate when you place your order.

If you have ordered a CLEANSE, you will receive your delivery the night before your cleanse and should start your cleanse the very next morning.

It’s important that you or someone you trust is available to receive your order when it arrives, so please use an address that makes this possible during your delivery window.  If no one is likely to be home during this time, choose an alternative address of a friend or family member who can receive your order on your behalf and advise us well in advance.

Please ensure that the address information you provide is complete and accurate.  It is important to include your mobile phone number and any special notes when placing your order that could be helpful to the delivery driver.  You must nominate a fixed address – PO Boxes cannot be accepted.

Our delivery van generally hits the road from 10am on delivery days.  This means, depending on your delivery location and the number of deliveries onboard, that your order could arrive any time between 10am and 3pm.

Approximately 15-30 minutes prior to your delivery, you will receive an SMS from our delivery driver to let you know that your order is not far away.

If no one is home to receive your order, the delivery driver will leave it in a sensible place according to any special notes included with your order, however it is your responsibility to ensure it is collected and refrigerated as soon as possible.  Our juice bundles and cleanses are perishable – we cannot accept responsibility for them once they’re delivered to your nominated address.

Whilst we will always do our absolute best to deliver your order on time within the designated delivery window, please understand that traffic and road conditions can be unpredictable which can delay some deliveries from time to time.  If there are unforseen circumstances that prevent your order from being delivered within the delivery window, you will receive a phone call from us to let you know and we will make alternative arrangements satisfactory to you if required.

If for any reason, you need to make changes to your delivery address placed at the time of your order, please notify us at least 12 hours prior to your delivery window via email at: so that we can update your delivery information.  Once your order is prepared and despatched we cannot make changes to your delivery address.

If you have any specific questions regarding delivery, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help!