If you haven’t picked it up already, we think lemons are rad.

We’ll add them to just about anything, and we mean anything: juice, water, salt scrubs, skin creams, you name it.

There are so many benefits of including lemon in your diet, not to mention your personal care routine, but if you’re in a rush we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 benefits!

We’re going to put our science goggles on now…

1. Lemon supports digestion and detoxification

Lemon juice’s atomic structure is strikingly similar to the stomachs digestive juices. Why is this important? Well, the similarities help to encourage the liver to produce bile. This bile helps food move through the gastrointestinal tract with ease. When this digestive process is supported, you can forget about bloating, cramping and painful toilet trips!

2. Lemon juice gives you a Vitamin C injection

Chances are, most of us have had a Vitamin C tablet when we had the flu or when we were feeling run down. The truth is, Vitamin C is something we should be getting plenty of all year round (not just when we’re sick). And more so, there is endless science out there to suggest that your body absorbs vitamins and minerals best from whole foods, not necessarily from supplements.

The good news is that lemon is a good source of Vitamin C, which helps to stimulate white blood cell production, support the immune system and protect your cells.

3. Having lemon can aid in weight loss

Do you ever finish a meal then feel hungry an hour later? Chances are there probably wasn’t enough pectin in your food. Pectin is a type of fibre that helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Lemons are a good source of pectin, which is why a lemon water in the morning, or a squeeze over your lunch can help you feel fuller for longer and help you to avoid unnecessary snacking.

4. Lemon helps to rejuvenate the skin

There are actually two ways that lemon can help to rejuvenate the skin. Firstly, when you drink lemon water or add it to your meal, you’re getting a hit of antioxidants that fight free radicals. These antioxidants also help the body to produce collagen which works to smoothen fine lines on the face. Secondly, by applying lemon juice topically to blemishes, eczema and a whole host of other skin conditions, you’ll see these concerns begin to lighten and fade. This is all due to the Vitamin C and exfoliating action of citric acid in lemon!

5. Drinking lemon juice can assist in boosting mood and energy levels

Would you ever consider swapping your morning coffee for a lemon water? Or maybe you could just have both! Lemon water is packed with negatively charged ions. When these ions enter the digestive tract, it releases a rush of energy! In helping to support the digestive system, you’re also saving energy that would have been spent breaking down foods. And the best bit is there’s no caffeine crash!

So there you have it, the top five reasons why we LOVE lemons!

Have a great day,

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen xxx


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