The Ancient Egyptians knew how to do it…

Yep, they were the first RAW foodies, but don’t throw away your pots and pans just yet!

Now let me just put my history hat on for a moment, to eat raw meant something entirely different to what it does today, the word raw actually comes from the word Ra, the Ancient Egyptian sun god.

Basically, to eat raw meant that you were honouring the different temperatures of the sun and the seasons. Sweet huh!

When you eat seasonally, your body is in harmony with the temperatures and the seasons and not creating a disharmony in your body.

Now if Ancient Egyptians don’t do it for you, there are plenty of other reasons why eating seasonally (when you can) will benefit your body and your pocket!

1. Flavour

Have you ever bitten into a orange when it was in season and it was the juiciest, most delicious experience ever? BEST. There’s a reason behind that. Wholefoods that have been left to ripen with the seasons have an optimal flavour, they are the crispiest, juiciest and most fragrant that they’ll ever be (unless someone is messing around with GMO’s… Monsanto *cough cough*).

2. Nutrition

All plants get their nourishment from both the sun and the soil, and seasonal means that the fruit has been picked when it’s fully developed and ripe. Once it’s completely ripe it will have had more sun exposure than it’s counterparts, resulting in a higher level of anti-oxidants and trace nutrients. And the healthier the plant, the more nutritional quality it will have or your body. Seasonal food also doesn’t have to travel as far to get to you (think imported dragon fruit), so it’s in it’s prime when it gets to your plate.

3. Affordability

Have you ever bought asparagus out of season? Those delicious, spikey sprigs of goodness are worth the 2 billion dollars they cost, but still, it hurts the pocket. Seasonal foods are the most abundant, and thus the price of them drops, so you can enjoy the most delicious fruit or veg, at the cheapest price!

4. Environmental viability

If produce is in season, it can grow with little additional assistance (think pesticides and GMO’s… just for a second). Both pesticides and GMO’s corrupt our health and the soil, and they cause environmental damage on a massive scale.

Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t a bunch of ‘seasonal’ militant’s about to judge you because we only ever eat seasonal wholefoods. At the end of the day we all just do our best, we eat seasonally whenever we can but we do also occasionally enjoy asparagus in May! Wholefoods are the best right!

So, what’s in season right now?



Some of my favourite fruits and veggies are in season right now, and while we love all of our juices equally, we like to make sure we include the ones jam packed with seasonal whoelfoods whenever we can!

Don’t miss our seasonal juices: 

That’s all for today!

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen xxx

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