So I’ve been moving around these “whole-foods” communities for quite a few years now..

And in those years I’ve seen a (farm) truck load of real life examples of how food can and does have a profound effect on our emotions.

If you really think about it, it’s nuts to think that what we eat won’t affect our emotions, and that our emotions won’t influence what foods we are craving.

The truth is that wholefoods can lift our moods, help us to feel calmer, recharge us and (I LOVE this one) balance our emotions.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we figured there are some emotions that might be running pretty high…

It seems there’s two camps you might find yourself in: wining and dining at a restaurant with a 3 course set menu, gazing into the eyes of your gorgeous – and possibly relatively new date, bursting with love and good intentions *insert HEART emoji* OR home alone, “single as a Pringle and in no way ready to mingle” sobbing on the sofa with Bridget Jones’s Diary…

Well, actually that’s a bit off the mark, what about all those amazing single people out there that are meditating in their own company and just being bosses on their life – hey you guys, keep being awesome!

Wherever you find yourself this weekend, it’s important to know that your diet can and does have a BIG impact on how you feel.

Eating for your emotions

There is so much interesting info when it comes to wholefood colour therapy that I don’t have time to get into today, but don’t worry it’s on my list!

And it’s not just the type of foods you eat, it’s also the colours that have an effect on your emotions.

Seriously, did you know that in a single leaf of spinach there are over 12,000 chemicals that can potentially induce hundreds of impulses that can lead to the biological foundation for dozens of emotions? Yep, this stuff’s legit.

Here’s just a few undesirable emotions and what to eat to target them…

Guilt: Green leafy foods & fermented food

Anxiety: Warm foods and brown foods such as organic chocolate 

Depression: Yellow foods such as bananas (which contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin)

Anger: Avoid red foods and use green leafy foods which promote self-control

Insecurity: Focus on red foods such as raspberries, cherries and watermelon which promote passion and confidence

We cleanse to get rid of what doesn’t serve us

We store emotions in our body, which is why a particular yoga move or stretch can get us all hot, cranky or upset, this happens because we are releasing that emotion.

The same goes for juice cleansing!

A lot of people cleanse for the physical health benefits (and why wouldn’t you, there are too many to list) but there are also huge emotional benefits.

As we cleanse, we start to get rid of everything that no longer serves us (think old negative thoughts or patterns), plus the injection of vibrant wholefoods helps to stabilize our emotions throughout this process.

In saying this, don’t be surprised if you have an emotional reaction to cleansing (most people do), it just means the cleanse is working its magic!

You can check out our Juice Cleanses here! And we can always customise for you if you’re already familiar with our range and would like a little tweak with your favourites. We do this all the time..

That’s all from me

But please, do your own research on food and your emotions, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Infinite love,

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen xxx

Image courtesy of The Unconditional Baker 

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