** Forget JUICE, we just bust myths these days…

We’ve been putting some shocking statements out there lately – yes, that’s right, we’ve been telling you that your body processes the sugar in fruit 100% differently to refined sugars and that carbs are your friend.

So while we’re myth busting all over the place, we wanted to share with you a big misconception about SALT.

Have you ever heard people say that salt clogs your arteries, makes you bloated and retain water, dries out your skin and turns you into a dried up old shrivelled sea urchin? Okay the first few were true, but that last one was probably an exaggeration… but seriously, the media would have you believe that salt sucks.

In light of this, we wanted to tell you:


Yep, we said it – SALT is an essential part of detoxing and maintaining great health

In fact, a salt deficiency can cause HUGE problems. The truth is, a lack of salt can actually LEAD to fluid retention, cramps and dry skin, as well as a host of other problems.

So what should you do? Add salt when you can into your diet – think beautiful, unrefined salts like Himalayan rock salt or celtic sea salt. But wait, we aren’t done- did you know that salt is an essential part of cleansing and detoxifying? So if you’re doing a juice cleanse we would HIGHLY recommend that you incorporate salt into your cleanse by having a detox salt bath.

Why should you cleanse and detoxify?

The truth is, even if you feel super healthy, every day you come into contact with a whole range of toxins. These toxins can be caused by:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Environmental factors

Even if you’re a super chilled vegan, living your dream life, the environment around us (think dirty air, pollution, mobile phones etc) exposes us to toxins that can make us feel tired, sluggish and bloated.

By cleansing and detoxing, we release these toxins and flush out the bad bacteria leaving us feeling vibrant. Bathing in salts during your cleanse will act as an acceleration of the detoxification process. If you feel a little tired after the bath don’t be surprised, this means the salts are working their magic by drawing out the toxins – but expect to feel GREAT at the end of your cleanse.

Sp ladies and gents, jump into the tubĀ and if you don’t have a bath – simply use the bath salts as a scrub or even a foot soak. Just take a handful and start dry scrubbing it on your skin, it will have a very similar detoxifying effect – as well as keeping your skin super soft and supple (wash off under the shower as soon as you’re ready).

If a foot soak is your preference then just know loads of toxins are stored in your tootsies, so prepare to soak in the hottest water you can.

That’s it for me.. go have a BEAUTIFUL week. Inga x


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