Hey Sweet Babes

Look, from one [Pana] chocolate addict to another, we probably all know by now that sugar is a hot topic in the media right now.

And while we won’t be lending Outkast some sugar, even if we were their neighbours, we would definitely hook them up with some organic Cold Pressed Juice.

Why? Because not all sugars are created equal.

Getting serious about refined sugar

While there is some great information out there, some of it is a bit whack. Lets get one thing straight, there are plenty of reasons to kick refined sugar to the curb. If you’ve seen ‘That Sugar Film‘, or if you caught Sunday nights ‘Secret Sugar’ on 60 Minutes (if not you can watch it here , you probably know how scary it can get.


It’s not all bad

In saying this, refined sugars and the sugar that is found in fruit are like chalk and cheese – they can’t be compared. Fruit contains essential vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs, whereas refined sugar has no nutritional benefit.


We love what we do because we’re helping our juice tribe become healthier, one cold pressed juice at a time. ¬†We offer a range of different choices when it comes to our 3 Day Cleanses, and even though most of our juice contains NATURAL sugar (shock horror) we can promise you that the natural sugars, combined with the antioxidants and minerals, will benefit your body and help to cleanse it, not poison it.

Have a great week friends … Lots of Love, Inga x

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