Hey There Juice Tribe…

When it comes to carbs: haters gunna hate, potatoes gunna potate… (Mmmm yeah potatoes!)

Seriously, people are SO divided when it comes to the ‘low carb diet’.


If you’ve read “Skinny Bitch” then you’ll know all about their take on the low carb diet (carb haters beware, it’s not good). Excuse me while I get just a little bit nerdy.. On a technical level, carbohydrates are a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In short, they are essential for providing energy to our bodies and I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally loving not being a zombie.

Errmmm… just wait fellow juicers, do not start demolishing that croissant so quickly ~ because sadly, all carbs are not created equal.

05742335-32c7-4aea-891c-6f93bc4fa060If you had the choice between white and soft OR brown and hard..  Of course I’m talking about WHITE (or SHITE!) pasta, bread, flour, rice etc.



In order to make these simple carbohydrates, natural grains (think whole wheat) are stripped of their goodness, taking away the vitamins, nutrients and minerals to change the flavour, appearance and texture. Basically, it completely corrupts the nutritional value.


Yep you heard us, potatoes.

Even our juice has carbohydrates. Delicious, energising carbohydrates.

You are probably all up to date with natural sugars from our other posts so don’t fear that carbohydrates in your juice will send you sugar cray. Your body will process these sugars 100% differently to refined sugar.


Stay happy and have a perfect week, Smiles all round, Inga x

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