Splendour In The Grass is over for another year and all that remains is millions of cute pictures of ladies and gents looking like a gorgeous bunch of free spirited hippies in their gum boots and felt hats on Instagram.

We’ve been LOVING @anita_ghise (https://instagram.com/anita_ghise/) pictures of the event (featured above) and we’ve been living vicariously through her. Not even kidding.

For many of our tribe, Splendour is that one time of year where they ditch their bee pollen chlorophyll smoothie (it’s a real thing) to hit the Silent Disco or the Tipi Forrest.

To help you guys hit the ground running we have created a little detox survival guide for everyone that ventured to Byron this weekend to boogie. You’re Welcome. Oh, and if you didn’t get to Splendour this year, never fear, this detox guide is for ANYONE who is feeling sluggish, fatigued, bloated and maybe a little bit toxic.



Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ?

That’s why it’s so important to begin detoxing with your skin, as it’s the gateway to the rest of your body. Obviously, those muddy feet are going to need a little wash first, but by stimulating the skin on the rest of your body (by scrubbing it and soaking in the tub), you will begin to release any built up toxins.

When scrubbing and soaking, salt IS your best friend! A blend of Epsom salt and Celtic sea salt will kick off the detoxification process.






This one seems like a no brainer, and yet so many of us don’t reach out for the trusty H20 when we need to detoxify.

We think its because so many of us don’t know the science behind H20 and detoxing.

Water acts as a flushing agent, allowing you to flush out bad bacteria and toxins. In the same process your body will also retain whatever water it needs to hydrate the body – that’s a double whammy right there folks. NO less that 8 glasses a day, okay!






Yep, I bet you knew this one was coming.

It’s not just because we love Cold Pressed Juice (although we totally do), the reason it is so essential to cleanse when your fatigued, sluggish and bloated is because these are all signs that you need to give your digestive system a rest.

Not only does your give digestive system get a little ‘vacay’ do a Juice Cleanse, but by drinking LIVE, RAW, FRESH juices (which are cold pressed to retain the digestive enzymes) you also get a hit of wholefood nutrients that are immediately absorbed into the blood stream, skipping the digestive process.



Have a beautiful week resting up lovely Splendour go-ers, and for all of us who didn’t go – at least we have the cleanest feet in town, no mud on these boots 😉 Inga xx

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