The joys of Fruit-Free Cleansing…

Taking a few days out to give your digestive system a rest and flood your cells with the Cold Pressed ‘bloods’ of fresh vegetables (of any kind) and leafy greens, is one of the best things you can do for your health.

But there’s something extra-profound about juicing on GREENS, with supporting detoxifiers.

Introducing our new Fruit-Free Cleanse

This brand new Cleanse contains:

  • 1 x Black Magic
  • 2 x Burleigh Green
  • 1 x Clean Green
  • 1 x Doctor Green
  • 1 x Health Nut

For anyone out there who wants a potent detoxification with alkalising benefits, this is the Cleanse for you. The four Greens will boost your pH. level, while the Black Magic acts as a potent detoxifier (it’s loaded with Activated Charcoal) and the Health Nut provides a nourishing dose of Nut Mylk with medicinal spices.

JuiceSo why do you need to try our Fruit-Free Cleanse…?

Your system will become more “Alkaline”

If you missed my article earlier in the week about alkalinity, please check it out here. 

Seriously, leafy greens are commonly considered ‘nature’s blood’.

Why? Because greens are full of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is essential for plants to grow and produce fruit, so it’s like magic for your cells when you spend 3 days flooding your body full of it.  You’ll feel and notice an incredible difference.

No one said that going GREEN is the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you’re committed to a ‘deeper’ cleanse and greater results, then this really is the cleanse for you.

Green is the gateway to healing dis-ease in your body

As you start to load up on greens you’ll be changing your pH levels to put you up in the ‘neutral / alkaline’ spectrum…and as I mentioned in my article, it’s awfully tough for dis-ease to exist in an alkaline rich environment.

So as you become more alkaline, you’ll actually be working towards healing your body of any ailment or discomfort you might have. Think IBS, fatigue, viral overwhelm, congestion, eczema and more.

Feel energized, lighter, sleep better and experience improved digestion

When you cleanse on our Cold-Pressed Juices, you’re consuming the ‘bloods’ of fresh vegetables and leafy greens to satiate your cells with electrically charged nutrients that they truly recognise and thrive upon.

It’s kind of like hitting the ‘reset button’ on your whole body.

With virtually no digestion required, these nutrients are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream creating a double-whammy benefit:

  1. Your body takes a break from the regular burden of digestion, allowing it to devote energy to the detoxification process and the rejuvenation of your body & mind and;
  2. You want to eat less because your cells feel invigorated and nourished. Say what? Yep, that’s right… Your clever little brain actually sends a message to your stomach saying, “hey life’s good in here, slow down… we don’t NEED any more food!”

And have a beautiful week.

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen 


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