If you’ve tasted our Cold Pressed Juice before, you’ll know we’re all about roots

And if there’s one in particular that we absolutely can’t get enough of, it’s Turmeric.

You may’ve used it to spice up a soup or a curry, but this amazing healing root can also be used in juice, tea and food!

It’s been used for over 4 ,000 years as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and a potent cancer fighter , so we reckon the proof is in the curry…

When you’re thinking about Turmeric, there’s 7 major benefits that you should know.

turmeric-11. Helps prevent cancer

There are endless studies that suggest Turmeric has an anti-tumour effect. Further research is being consistently undertaken, however science suggests that Turmeric can help fight a whole host of cancers including breast, skin and pancreatic cancer, childhood leukaemia and multiple myeloma.


turmeric-12. Combats Alzheimer’s disease

There is enough evidence to suggest that Turmeric’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can help break down the amyloid plaques that form in the brain and contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric helps to clear clogged blood vessels and supply the brain with oxygen.


turmeric-13. Fights inflammation

One of the most well known benefits of Turmeric is it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the culprit for a lot of discomfort in the body, and by targeting inflammation you can heal a host of ‘dis-eases’, as well as sooth that aching body! Heads up IBS sufferers, this is the root for you! Turmeric reduces bloating and gas, so get on it my friends.


turmeric-14. Helps prevent heart attacks and stroke

Science has suggested that Turmeric has a positive effect on cholesterol. Studies have shown that Turmeric can lower cholesterol and prevent a buildup for LDL (which is ‘bad’ cholesterol), as well as flushing out dangerous plaque that can cause strokes and heart attacks.


turmeric-15. Wards of cold and flu’s

Evidence suggests that Turmeric can help to reduce the severity of viral and bacterial infections. Whenever we get the sniffles we head straight for a Dawn Patrol (which is a delicious blend of Turmeric, Ginger, Orange and Carrot) and get sipping. It’s bright ORANGE.. you can’t miss it! You’ll also find it in our Sunrise 


turmeric-16. Supports indigestion and weight loss

So it’s confession time: we got a little silly over the silly season, like, really silly. Needless to say, it’s time to shed our extra holiday bumps! Turmeric is so useful for people trying to improve their digestion and drop a few kilos because it helps to produce bile and stimulate the gallbladder, which helps to digest fat and control weight.


turmeric-17. Tastes GREAT!

Okay, well this one isn’t necessarily a health benefit, but we figure a happy tummy is a happy life. Seriously, have you tasted Turmeric when it’s been Cold Pressed? The stuff is delicious!

It’s never too late to turn a new leaf, and even if (like us) you started off the new year a little dusty, now is the time to start investing in healing plant based foods that can profoundly effect your health, without the nasty side effects of medicines.

Whether you grab the raw root, or grounded turmeric powder, then add it to a curry, a juice or a tea, you’ll love Turmeric.

Inga & The Cleanse Kitchen Team xx

PS. If you’re on the lookout for a Cold Pressed Juice that pucks a punch with Turmeric, make sure you check out Dawn Patrol and Sunrise They are BOTH delicious and loaded with healing Turmeric.







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