Don’t you just LOVE those ‘pinch me’ moments?! Me too and I just had one.. with my nails all soft and peeling – (from hours in the sink), my tan virtually non existent – (oh Boy I love me some Vitamin D) and my social life – (Umm, what’s a Social life?) it’s nice to feel , I don’t know… Acknowledged? To be doing a good job. Feel like you’re on track. Y’ know?!

In the world of Health & Beauty, there are so many inspiring girls. I particularly favour the ones that not only walk the talk of the product they sell or represent, I gravitate to the girls that make a legitimate business from doing what they love and working hard with a smile. The Blender Girl – aka Tess Masters and Ashy Bines aka The Body Transformation Specialist are both massive inspirations for me. They make a difference to SOOOOO many girls and they really are seriously smart cookies.

Today, one after the other, they each acknowledged little old us on The Cleanse Kitchen instagram account.  (screen shot below because.)

Man.. I love the power of Social Media tonight. 

Anyway.. that’s my share. It’s probably more like a ‘brag’ than a share but who cares.. I feel good and I hope you do too! 

Smiles (big, big smiles)

I x

(p.s. Are you following us Instagram? You should be.. (all the cool kids are apparently)






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