We know there’s so much information out ‘there’ that it can all be confusing and inconclusive and even at times over whelming, so even though we are a little biased, we’re here to try and answer your questions, put your mind at ease and hopefully even get you all juiced up!


So about those Pro’s and Pro’s Con’s… Starting with the Pro’s of course.

People choose a Juice Cleanse for a variety of reasons.

Lets list some of them here.

  • to detoxify after a period of unhealthy eating
  • to jump start a diet
  • for increased mental clarity
  • radiant complexion
  • healthy hair and nails
  • a boost of energy when lethargy has taken hold
  • re-boot your body from the inside, giving your self time to heal and repair
  • restore your sleep patterns
  • a time of mediation and grounding
  • to deal with a particular health issue without harmful or unknown side effects from medication

We researched for years and years (ok, slight exaggeration, more like hours and hours on google if that helps) looking for con’s about Juice Cleansing and really, all we keep coming back to is the same few things.

  • You might miss chewing. (During a cleanse, we advise you to ‘chew not chug’ on your juices. Enough said)
  • You might think you’re hungry. (You’re most likely bored and restless- a herbal tea, a glass of water or even a walk will prove it)
  • You might feel crap on about Day 2 (Thats because those toxins you’ve been suppressing are finally being released so this is actually a WIN)
  • Constipated? Drink water, ingest natural fibre mix (we can help you with this) or arrange to have a colonic (WIN, WIN, WIN)
  • And the big one.. You’re going to put back on ALLL the weight you lost anyway.  To this we say, if you were considering doing a juice fast to lose weight only, there are other, better ways to do that.

So in short, a Juice Cleanse made with fresh Cold Pressed fruits and vegetables leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed, not to mention provides nourishment to your body and detoxifies for your tissues.

My time is up. Welcome (back) to our website and blog .. if something here resonated, informed or humoured you, please do make a comment or share the love.

Love Inga x

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