The silly season is here…

Rah roh… We know what that means!

Don’t worry, we’ll be posting some post silly season remedies, but first lets talk Cold Pressed Cocktails!

Many of us have ambitions of whipping out the blender and making #amazeballs cocktails over the holiday season, but when it comes down to it we’d all rather be at the beach then squeezing a million oranges.

The thing is, that while alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation and too much will definitely leave you feeling dusty, it’s not the complete culprit of your hangover.

When you throw back a couple Vodka Sunrises or Daiquiris, chances are you’re also throwing back countless teaspoons of added, refined sugar, not to mention a WHOLE list of another nasties that wind up leaving your body feeling sad and sore the next day.

This silly season we wanted to make it simple for you by giving you our 4 favorite guilt free Cold Pressed Cocktails!


Ginger Mojito

You’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of Ginger Snap (makes two cocktails)
  • 250 mls of Soda Water
  • 100 mls of Vodka
  • Sprig of Mint
  • Handful of Ice
  • Teaspoon of Agave

Mix up the Ginger Snap and Soda Water (to give it some fizz) and pour over ice with Mint!


Expresso Martini

You’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of Choco or Vanilla Latte (makes two cocktails)
  • Handful of Ice
  • 100ml Vodka
  • 50ml Kahlúa
  • 8 Coffee Beans (optional)

Mix in the Vodka and Kahlúa and pour over Ice. You can use Coffee Beans to Garnish.


Splice Patrol

You’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of Dawn Patrol (makes two cocktails)
  • Handful of Ice
  • 100ml Vodka
  • Slice of Orange (optional)

Combine the Dawn Patrol and Vodka, then pour over Ice. Serve with a slice or orange.


Greena Colada

You’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of Daily Greens (makes two cocktails)
  • 100 mls of Soda Water
  • Handful of Ice
  • 100ml Vodka
  • Teaspoon of Agave

Mix the Daily Green with the Soda Water and Vodka, stir in the Agave and pour over ice.

And don’t forget to save some juice to cure any dustiness the next day folks!

Now if you’re wondering where you can get your hands on a few bottles of our delicious and deluxe Cold Pressed Juice, our Grab n’ Go Store at The 4217 in Surfers Paradise will have you covered from Monday to Saturday during the silly season, and will be closed on the 24th, 25th (December)  and the 1st (January)! Get the details here! 

You can also find us at some pretty rad cafes too! Get those details here! 

The cleanse Kitchen xxx 

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