So why the fuss about this green stuff called Matcha?!…

Yep, it’s official.

The world has gone Matcha mad!

But the truth is it’s no new fad. Matcha has been around for 5,000 years.

Matcha is green tea powder, so think of it like this:

When you make a green tea, you infuse the water with the leaves then discard them. When you drink Matcha you’re actually drinking the leaves and thus gaining the full benefit of this amazing healing plant.

We caught up with our friends from Matchamob to hear about the top 5 benefits of Matcha!

Increase your metabolism

Whilst loving the skin you’re in is the best approach, anything good that kickstarts your metabolism is worth giving the time of day. Studies have shown that if Matcha is included in a persons diet, it can accelerate your fat burning efficiency by up to 25%.

Natural boost in energy

There’s no doubt that sipping on a delicious Cold Pressed Juice makes you feel cleaner, lighter and more energetic…but when mixed with Matcha it really packs a punch! Matcha contains caffeine, although less than coffee and the energy burst is more related to the release of essential nutrients.

Anti-ageing properties

Matcha is packed with anti-oxidants which help prevent premature ageing, the onset of disease and protection from UV radiation. Ultimately, it helps promote youthful, glowing skin!

Cancer prevention

Matcha is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Now lets get our science on! EGCG are known for their anti-cancer properties, basically they scan the body for free radicals then destroy them. When comparing Matcha tea to others teas you will see that it contains 100 times more of these natural anti-oxidants than other commercial teas.

Detox effect

Matcha is also full of chlorophyll, which is an excellent detoxifier for the body. Chlorophyll can help remove heavy metals and other dangerous substances from the body, making Matcha an excellent addition to a Juice Cleanse.

Yep, all of our team like to supercharge a Juice Cleanse by adding Matcha to our green juices!

And when it comes to Matcha, we LOVE Matchamob. 


Get a FREE bag of Matcha Green Tea when you order a Three Day Cleanse by 5pm Wednesday, 11th November.

*All you need to do is type MATCHA in the notes section in the checkout!

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