Why Cold-Pressed?

High frequency fuel for your body & mind

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Cold-Pressing fresh fruits and vegetables produces an unadulterated, nutrient-rich juice, bursting with enzymes, vitamins and minerals that your cells instantly recognize and love.

Think of it as the most potent, high-octane fuel for your body and mind.

How does cold-pressing differ from conventional juicing methods?

Conventional juicing methods e.g. using centrifugal juicers which are found in most cafés and regular juice bars, rely on speed and heat to extract the juice.

Whilst this process is very quick, the friction creates oxidation and separation, destroying much of the nutritional content of the juice.

Our cold-pressing process is a much slower method, first grinding the whole raw ingredients and then feeding them through a state-of-the-art, hydraulic press that applies tremendous pressure (without heat, speed or friction) to extract the nectar from the pulp.

The result is a delicious, smooth pulp-free juice that retains the highest possible concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for instant uptake into your blood stream.

Keep it refrigerated and you’ll have the freshest, raw, unpasteurised, ‘living’ juice available.

Why Cleanse?

Hit your reset button

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Are you feeling sluggish, run down and need to get your mojo back?

Is it time to hit the reset button and recharge your body and mind?

These are perfect reasons to do a juice cleanse…

Feeling sluggish is usually the result of a build up of toxicity or deficiency in your body – often without you even realising it.

What causes toxicity and deficiency?

Dodgy eating patterns, poor lifestyle choices, stress, dehydration and the environment around us can all take their toll over time.

It’s a potent cocktail of ingredients that will cause your engine to cough, splutter and deliver poor performance at various stages throughout your life, so the key is to give your body the support to prevent this process.

Your engine is designed to constantly send you little signals to let you know if it’s happy with the quality of fuel it is receiving. If the engine is running smoothly, it generally means you’re giving it quality fuel on a consistent basis.

If it performs poorly, it’s an ideal time to pull the plug for a few days on your normal routine and to clean out your engine. This is where a juice cleanse can be very powerful.

Note: Whilst there is absolutely no doubt that making smart dietary and lifestyle choices on a consistent basis is crucial to maintaining an ideal weight, having strong immunity, glowing skin and minimizing the risk of dis-ease, we believe that periodic juice cleansing adds another dimension altogether. It’s not a magic pill, but it’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to one!

When is the best time for a Juice Cleanse?

  • If you feel stressed, sluggish or constantly sick
  • If you know you have a few nasty habits or even health issues that you want to rid yourself of
  • If you’ve been over-indulging and simply want to get your mojo back (typically after a big weekend or holidays, CRIME = TIME!)
  • If you’ve been travelling alot and have had poor or irregular eating and sleeping patterns
  • If you simply want to stay on top of your game by making periodic cleansing apart of your routine
  • With every change of seasons (this was an ancient wisdom practiced by many long-lived disease-free cultures)
  • Whether you choose to cleanse 1 Day a week, 3 Days each month or seasonally whenever your feeling weighed down, you’ll be giving your body and mind a tremendous transformational gift each time you cleanse.

Hidden Dietary Secret

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When you cleanse on our cold-pressed juices, you’re consuming the ‘bloods’ of fresh fruits and vegetables to satiate your cells with electrically charged nutrients that they truly recognize and thrive upon.

It’s kind of like hitting the ‘reset button’ on your whole body.

With virtually no digestion required, these nutrients are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream creating a double-whammy benefit:

  1. Your body takes a break from the regular burden of digestion, allowing it to devote energy to the detoxification process and the rejuvenation of your body & mind and;
  2. You want to eat less because your cells feel invigorated and nourished. Say what? Yep, that’s right… Your clever little brain actually sends a message to your stomach saying, “hey life’s good in here, slow down… we don’t NEED any more food!”