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So we’ve noticed that alkaline is a bit of a buzz word lately And we love it! We’ve been banging on about alkalinity for years, and it’s so good see that the message is taking off. And even though we’d like […]

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If you’ve tasted our Cold Pressed Juice before, you’ll know we’re all about roots And if there’s one in particular that we absolutely can’t get enough of, it’s Turmeric. You may’ve used it to spice up a soup or a […]

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The silly season is here… Rah roh… We know what that means! Don’t worry, we’ll be posting some post silly season remedies, but first lets talk Cold Pressed Cocktails! Many of us have ambitions of whipping out the blender and making […]

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Healing your gut can be tricky business And poor gut health affects the WHOLE body. Yep, that’s right, happy gut, happy life. Well, kinda… Anyway, The Cleanse Kitchen team believes that great gut health starts and ends with your diet […]

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So why the fuss about this green stuff called Matcha?!… Yep, it’s official. The world has gone Matcha mad! But the truth is it’s no new fad. Matcha has been around for 5,000 years. Matcha is green tea powder, so think of it […]

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 It’s kind of a sad fact that in today’s crazy world it’s almost impossible to escape toxins Whether they’re hidden additives and preservatives in our food, nasties in our cleaning products and personal care items, environmental toxins in the air, water […]

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